Huobi Pro leaves from the Japanese market

On Wednesday, the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Pro sent their clients out of Japan, e-mail, which announced that, starting from the second of July, the exchange will no longer be able to serve them. However, it is not specified, when will be organized the procedure of withdrawal of assets by the Japanese traders.

Presumably, the decision to withdraw from the Japanese market was made Huobi Pro due to the fact that the company was not able to register at the financial services Agency of Japan (FSA), as required by the new rules. However, whether the company with any notice from a regulator, is unknown.

It is known that in the early years Huobi Pro and SBI Virtual Currency licensed stock unit of SBI Holdings has entered into an agreement under which it was planned to open a joint exchange in Japan, however, in March SBI Virtual Currency broke the partnership.

A similar decision had earlier been adopted by the European cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC, which suspended
services for citizens in Japan to avoid problems with the financial regulator due to the lack of work permits in the country.

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