HTC are one step closer to the release of the smartphone for the blockchain

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer HTC said that is on the verge of release your smartphone to blockchain Exodus, which was announced in may 2018.

Phil Chen (Phil Chen) leads initiatives in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain. He noted that by the end of the year, the phone must be available to digital currency enthusiasts, and the main focus of developers focused on integration of wallets in your smartphone.

«There are already about 30 million wallets,» said he. «We also support non-convertible tokens (non-fungible tokens — NTF), which, in our opinion, suitable for DApp and will help to involve users in collecting, blockchain-game and present the opportunity to interested in their unique digital products.»

Chen first appealed to the leaders of HTC with the idea of a smartphone for the blockchain in 2015, carefully watching the development of Ethereum. By the end of that year the price of bitcoin began to inspire hope, and the idea of the phone for a blockchain with a built-in software of cryptocurrency wallets became more attractive.

«I was the venture capitalist who has faced many cryptoprocta, so I brought this idea to HTC,» said he. The strategy of making the phone were designed in 2016, and the production began in early 2018.

Chen said that the product will cost about $1000 — about the same as the phone model for blockchain Finney from Siryn Labs, although it «will be the only similarity between these products.»

«We focusareas on what we need to do for the community, and that this industry was more accessible to the masses, and not on what others do,» he said. «Since 2008, HTC has released more than 100 million smartphones. We released the world’s first smartphone on Android and popularized the idea of the smartphone itself. This time we put our passion and experience in support of the idea of decentralization. I want to see a world where end users can truly own and manage their data (viewing history, identity, assets, wallets, emails, messages, etc.) without having to go to a Central authority».

Now the developers are working on improving phone technology for future models so users could easily mine crypto currencies on your smartphone. This technology will also support games that, according to Chen, can lead to the emergence of a new wave of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Despite the growing ambitions of the company, some are critical of HTC, claiming that its goals are unrealistic. Will Stofega (Will Stofega), head of programmes related to drones and mobile technologies at IDC, said:

«It seems to me that they poured from a sieve. The blockchain does not make sense to many people. With the release of Exodus Chen hopes that it will make every person be a node in the network, as each device Exodus creates one node in the blockchain. The problem is, will anyone want to be in this network?»

Chen said that he did not understand the essence of this criticism. «Our first target users for HTC Exodus is 30 million wallet holders, so I don’t quite know what he’s talking about Stofega» he said.

Chen also explains that the phone will be the main tool to help beginners industry understanding of the technology of the blockchain. «We not only see that this market is growing, but we also see the smartphone as a way to begin involving more people in the technology of the blockchain and cryptocurrency, especially those who choose phones based on Android».

Stofega answered that phone for blockchain can pay off in the sense that he in fact will be the first of its kind, and HTC is one of the first companies to create something similar.

In recent times HTC has a lot of difficulties. Recently the company has fired more than 1,500 workers in Taiwan to stay profitable. Sales declined by approximately 68 percent, and product delivery in early 2017 fell from approximately 2 million to 630 000. The latest product of the company — smartphone U12 Plus — also received negative reviews, mostly because of the constant software problems.

But Chen is not worried. He believes that the new phone will help HTC to grow in the right direction.

«HTC is evolving and changing for the better,» he said. «The recent layoffs and these investments in blockchain and cryptocurrency shows that HTC is moving away from the traditional production of machinery and invests more money in software, IP and services. HTC has been in a similar situation in 2007-2008, when brought to market the first Android handset».

In conclusion, Chen said that customers can be confident in the safety features of the new smartphone HTC and that the company will not have access to any personal information of users.

«HTC will not be privy access to information about users, keys, or personal data,» he says. «Users will own their own keys which is one of the key principles of this phone. In addition, we are developing a solution to key recovery that does not depend on HTC, since the company does not store your keys».

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