HeadHunter: the blockchain staff salaries decreased by 40%

According to the Russian company HeadHunter, the average salary of professionals working in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency in the first half of 2018 decreased by 40% compared to last year.

«If last year the salary of PR Director of projects in the cryptocurrency field reached 800 thousand rubles, now it is 400 thousand rubles. Less employers are willing to pay analysts for the securities and managers of projects», – says the expert, explaining the lower wages in the industry fall bitcoin exchange rate and market capitalization.

If in December 2017, the bitcoin exchange rate reached $20 thousand, in the first half of this year, its value reached a maximum of $6 thousand this could not affect the salaries of employees in this area.

«When in December cryptocurrency courses set new records, the services of a programmer that could create primitive smart contract reached $1.5 thousand, and the company was added to the name of the word «blockchain» to attract attention of customers», – said the Director of the company «Kryptonian» Andrei Lugovoi.

In his opinion, the decline of interest in the blockchain and drop courses kryptolus impact on the remuneration of experts, since in this situation the rules of supply and demand.

Representatives of the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) reported that in kriptonyte employs about 70 thousand Russians who get paid in Fiat money.

«There are experts, the demand for which is still growing. Industry still need programmers for successful projects, and for beginners the market», – said the Director of RAKIB Arseny Weltzin.

According to him, the level of remuneration in the sector could fall by 10%.

«The salaries of the developers really did not drop as rapidly. In 2017, the developer of blockchain could get up to 360 thousand rubles a month, now – from 150 thousand to 350 thousand rubles. The demand for Junior developers with a basic understanding of creating applications under the supervision of senior programmers, explained Weltzin. And wages of such employees are traditionally lower.»

«Overall market cryptoprocta there are more professionals who retrained from other industries, – said the analyst of «OTKRITIE Broker» Timur Nigmatullin. – In addition, decreased the proportion of fraudulent ICO «hyped» marketing budgets».

However, the salary blockchain professionals may again rise if the rates of cryptocurrencies will soar again, and this trend is already planned: in July of bitcoin went up again. Since the beginning of the month, when it cost less than $6.3 thousand, its price has increased by 27%, and 24 July, she again exceeded $8 000.

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