Google Cloud begins cooperation with the Digital Asset to create PaaS platforms

Monday Digital Asset announced a collaboration with Google Cloud with the goal of creating a set of tools and services for blockchain developers interested in creating applications without writing code from scratch.

The partnership will provide Digital Asset developers, starting operations in industry, such as software tools and support, according to a press release. Google Cloud also joined the closed beta program for developers of Digital Asset, which allowed it to Google Cloud to access the development kit software, Digital Asset Modeling Language (DAML).

Digital Asset is also planning to develop its programme DAML «platform as a service» (PaaS) through teamwork, providing «fully managed solution» that will help test and launch blockchain-based applications. This service will be available to developers through the app market Google Cloud.

General Director of Digital Asset masters, Blythe (Blythe Masters) said in a statement that the collaboration will make it easier for developers to understand technology:

«We work with Google Cloud with the aim to provide developers with a comprehensive solution to enable them to discover the potential of innovation in blockchain. This will reduce technological barriers to the development of DLT applications by providing enhanced platform for distributed registry and language modeling Google Cloud».

Head of Google Cloud platform Financial Services Leonard Lowe (Leonard Law) said that the tech giant also «looks forward to innovation» with the Digital Asset.

«DLT has great potential for clients not only in financial services but in many other industries, and we are happy to provide these tools for developers in Google Cloud», he added.

At the end of March it became known that Google is developing its own solution based on technology of the blockchain, which plans to offer the companies for integration in cloud services. Then it was reported that we are talking about the security of customer data storage. In addition, one of the units Google is developing its own distributed Ledger that third-party companies can use to send and verify transactions.

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