German resource Tutanota is testing payments in the cryptocurrency

German service web-based email with built in encryption of Tutanota has started to accept bitcoin live, Bitcoin and Monero Cash to test the processing of payments using the cryptocurrency.

«We intend to maintain a decentralized payment system that does not depend on centralized processors, such as companies and credit card issuers,» reads the company blog.

According to its representative, decentralized payments can support anonymous mail service to human rights activists, whistleblowers and journalists in need of special protection.

Tutanota was planning to start accepting the cryptocurrency last year. However, this feature was delayed because of the need to re-create encrypted e-mail client companies to improve performance and add features.

New email client and a new app for Android now in beta testing, and it is planned to implement an iOS application.

The choice of cryptocurrency based on a survey of Reddit and Twitter, which showed the level of user support from 16 to 27%. Some users have expressed the wish that the company also maintained Verge and Litecoin. However, while Tutanota decided to test only four cryptocurrencies participating in the surveys.

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