France also demands to extradite Alexander winnick

France joined Russia and the United States attempts to extradite Russian citizen accused of money laundering and associated with the cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e.

The citizen of Russia Alexander Vinnik is in the midst of international disputes since he was charged
the government of the United States. While US authorities also imposed on BTC-e to a fine of $110 million in a few hours after there were reports about the arrest winnik. Despite the fact that BTC-e have stopped work after the arrest winnik, she soon returned
in the cryptocurrency arena under the name WEX.

Since the arrest of co-founder of BTC-e Russian and American law enforcement agencies do not stop to argue in the Greek court about who will get Vinnik and where he should be extradited. All this time, winnick continued to declare his innocence, while in December the court ruled that he could be extradited to the United States. Then in may of this year Vinnik admitted
in the theft of 750 million rubles to the Russian law enforcement authorities, apparently in order to be ekstrudirovannyy in Russia, not in USA.

But now, according to the Associated Press, France has decided to intervene in the process and influence the final decision of the court on the fate winnik. The French government wants to judge winnik on a number of charges, including «cybercrime, money laundering, membership in a criminal organization and extortion,» the sources said the news Agency. Thus, the French inquiry puts a new round in the debate authorities of different countries.

«A legal issue that requires our attention is whether the extradition request takes precedence, since they are based on two international arrest warrants and one European,» said Spiliadis Ilias (Ilias Spyrliadis), advocate winnik.

The fate winnick watched a big part of the cryptocurrency community throughout the second half of 2017. After his arrest
in Greece in July and appeared information about the fact that he is a co-founder
BTC-e, the events were quite dramatic and at times illogical. First BTC-e went offline, a few days later made a statement that her equipment was confiscated, and winnick is not an employee of the site. After a couple of months the representatives of the stock exchange again started to say that winnick was not involved in the work of the platform, although published
a US government document saying the opposite. Then within a few months, repeatedly news
of the Greek court, but the final decision on the fate of winnick has not yet been taken.

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