For five months of 2018 on ICO attracted more than $13 billion

According to the report of a joint study by PwC and the Association of Crypto Valley, for the first 5 months of 2018 with the help of original host coin (ICO), 537 startups managed to raise 13.7 billion. This included projects such as the Telegram and EOS, which attracted 1.7 and 4.1 billion, respectively.

Last year 552 of the ICO project has collected a total of $ 7 billion. Even if we ignore the Telegram and EOS, this year ICO has already collected about $8 billion.

As the head of the blockchain PwC Strategy Daniel Dimers (Daniel Diemers), «after the hype ICO in 2017, now more attention is paid to improving the business and legal practices, relations with investors and Fund raising».

The report noted that the success of ICO projects in 2018 is associated primarily with the involvement of hybrid companies, allowing startups to publicly raise funds after receiving venture funding. Such ICO would prefer to collect from 100 000 to 1 million dollars from venture capitalists and then to open presales to the General public.

This year, the UK hosted almost as much ICO as in the United States, and considering the number of planned companies, the UK leader. The number of raised funds (about half a billion dollars), the Swiss projects is almost on par with the UK, Lithuanian and Estonian projects gathered as much in the aggregate.

On the background of the Telegram and the EOS companies in the ranking has risen Cayman and virgin Islands, immediately behind them is Singapore, which is vastly superior to other Asian countries.

In spite of the active competition among European projects, as well as the favorable attitude of the French Ministry of Finance to the cryptocurrency space, France in the rankings.

Last in the ranking is Hong Kong, which probably influenced the Chinese prohibitions, despite the fact that technically a separate jurisdiction.

Of the 20 largest in terms of funding the ICO as of November 2017, 65% or already introduced its product or close to it, 20% had serious problems in the implementation of the product, 10% have no product, 5% abandoned their plans.

Key findings:

  • Since 2013 was conducted 3470 ICO. Despite the fact that many have stopped or ceased to exist, 30% were still able to successfully complete the procedure;

  • The leading place to host ICO remain in the USA. In the first five months of 2018, 56 projects were able to raise $ 1.1 billion;

  • Switzerland is recognized as the capital of ICO, but in 2018, the Kingdom broke in the first place for volume and number.

The ICO are gaining momentum and becoming a viable alternative financing as well as technology startups across the world continue to raise funds through ICO to bypass the banks and other intermediaries. However, the ICO is increasingly beginning to register in the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA.

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