FOMO3D: on the Ethereum blockchain popping game with elements of a Ponzi scheme

To date, the technology of the blockchain is used to improve the areas of Finance, logistics, entertainment and many others. However, some use this technology for improvement of financial pyramids.

The Ethereum blockchain is gaining popularity a new game FOMO3D, in which there is an obvious Ponzi scheme and the element of gambling. The game has been dubbed as Bitconnect 2.0.

The essence of the game is that participants must buy so-called «keys» which can be seen as a kind of tokens. At the time of publication, each such key is already about 0.0054 ETH (about 2.5 dollars).

Every purchased key adds 30 seconds to the Bank time, which is limited to 24 hours. Now the timer is frozen at the maximum value, which suggests that the imminent finals is not expected. Part of the funds paid by the user for the keys, goes into the General prize Fund – Bank, and part is paid out as dividends to earlier participants. At the time of publishing the Bank is already more than 21 500 ETH. The last one will buy the key and he gets the entire pot.

«The year 2026. ETH price reached $2 000 000 per unit. There is only one decentralized application. The Bank FOMO3D is 20% of all ETH, equivalent to almost $40 trillion,» the dreams
the Reddit user. «Entire communities are formed only in order to produce a ETH on purchasing a key FOMO3D. In 2019 the practical significance of other decentralized applications is completely lost, as the value of ETH is beginning to grow too quickly and people couldn’t continue to pay the normal price for gas.»

In addition to the amount in the Bank, increasing the cost of the key. Thus we should not expect a speedy completion of the game, as the collected amount is unlikely to be played as long as the bet level will not reach disproportionate levels.

Most likely as long as the bet is about $ 10 million no one dare to go to take decisive action. However, there are fears that when the amount reaches more impressive dimensions, the miners can cooperate and start censoring all transactions sent to the address FOMO3D but their and thus ensure its own victory.

I hasten to disappoint those who expect to use the pyramidal structure of the game for quick money – at the moment, one key brings 1 cent every 1-2 days. Presumably, what with the rising cost of key activity in FOMO3D will decline, and with it, respectively, and payments, but their size is likely to increase.

To talk about when there will be a drawing of the main prize Fund. It is obvious that those who enter now – don’t expect to receive it, and rely only on the dividends from the newly arrived participants.

Razrabotchikom game is pretty well-known developer of decentralized applications Justo.

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