Explorer telescope Hubble uses the blockchain for data processing

Researcher of the Hubble space telescope (HST) is testing the technology of the blockchain for applications handling huge amounts of data.

According to the employee of Institute of space research with the space telescope (STScI) Josh Peak, HST, and other space telescopes, requires a huge amount of time and computing power for data processing, which is rather expensive process.

«The technology of the blockchain will provide more efficient use of resources, giving researchers a more extensive network than do traditional servers,» said Rush. «We could use a distributed network to make our research truly effective and ten times cheaper than a standard cloud computing.»

With this purpose, STScI is working with the blockchain platforms AIKON and Hadron, which processes the data. In particular, AIKON provides an interface through which the Pic can enter the data, after which they are processed and visualized using Hadron.

«We are working through AIKON, which acts as an intermediary. They provide a simple interface for companies or research groups like mine,» explained Rush.

«Hadron is a useful blockchain to verify» – said the co-founder of AIKON and chief marketing officer mark Blinder, which processes the data the Peak, with the computing time tokens paid AIKON CPU.

According to him, in order to reduce volatility, the value of the token is tied to the average cost of computing power, charged by cloud hosting services.

Although the plan is to eventually study group and other customers bought tokens of the processor for rent computing power, right now customers are testing the system, using stock free tokens.

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