Exchange WEX denied information about the sale and bought a large batch of tokens BTC-e

A few days ago in the media appeared information that former militiaman Dmitry DNI, Havenco intends
to purchase a Russian cryptocurrency exchange WEX approximately $ 20 million.

Article RBC stirred rossiskih cryptocurrency community and the collapse of prices of debt tokens BTC-e, which gradually WEX buys since launch in September last year.

However, the WEX said in the official Twitter of the exchange that no negotiations for the sale of the trading platform is not maintained, but they are ready to consider investment proposals, which will focus on the further development of exchanges involving the redemption of tokens, support a new trading pairs and improve customer service.

WEX — a young, independent and profitable company, with an experienced team and a loyal audience. Our plans have not changed: the redemption of the token, the introduction of new trading pairs and types of orders, improve customer service.

— WEX Official (@WEXnz) July 5, 2018

Simultaneously with the appearance of this message exchange has resumed redemption of tokens, frozen at the end of April without explanation. As a result, the price of tokens, gradually declining in the last two months and fallen sharply after the release of information about the sale of the exchange, again soared to levels of April, and some pairs even higher. The chart below reflects the growth rate of the token ETHET, the rest show a similar picture:

The percentage of redeemed WEX-tokens to four cryptocurrencies: DASH, NMC, NVC and PPC has increased to 70 percent or more, whereas previously was no more than 50-60% of Course, traders instantly took all the sell orders, and the token rate is established at level 1, which means their redemption at par. For the rest of the token redemption is much slower — for example, tokens USDET was purchased less than 2%, and tokens BTCET — just 0.15%, as the amount of debt on them, obviously the biggest.

In addition, the rate of bitcoin at the close BTC-e was $2546, and now WEX he went all the way to $7 177, which is almost$ 600 above the current market price of bitcoin ($6 580). This was due to the mass exit from the stock exchange investors, frightened by the news of its sale. Perhaps a retraction will soothe some of them, though domestic policy as BTC-e and WEX cannot boast of transparency.

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