European police seized from traders darknet cryptocurrencies for €5.7 million

Not only the U.S. intelligence services carried
a large-scale operation to eliminate the threats emanating from the darknet. Post at the same time the same RAID in Europe was conducted by the employees of the Spanish and Austrian police, with the support of Europol.

Joint group of techs were able to identify and neutralize the largest criminal network of drug traffickers in the history of modern Europe. The gang mainly sold drugs on the darknet, and was also involved in the subsequent laundering of the money through cryptocurrency.

According to Europol, the OPG 2012 traded on the darknet potent narcotic and psychotropic drugs. Customers got their resources by invitations to various online forums. Raw materials for the production of drugs imported from Asia, mostly from China, at first it was Amsterdam, and then in a laboratory in Spain. From there the finished products were sent to approximately 100 countries. Drugs were given for allowed to sell goods and mailed them in letters and parcels.

The results of the operation in numbers:

  • Arrested 8 people from Spain, Austria and France, who are accused of drug trafficking, money laundering and membership in a criminal organization;

  • Seized more than €5.5 million in bitcoins, €137, 000 in cryptocurrency IOTA and €30 000 in tokens lumen;

  • Seized 1.6 million euros from an Austrian Bank account;

  • Confiscated 700,000 euros in cash;

  • Neutralized 2 chemical laboratory on manufacture of drugs;

  • 3 seized property worth about €1 million;

  • Confiscated 10 luxury cars;

  • Seized Europe’s largest batch of LSD — 800 000 doses;

Illicit trade on the darknet is one of the hallmarks of the increasingly complex nature of transnational organized crime in the EU. In order to respond to all threats, it is necessary first to establish cooperation with key sectors (information technology, social networks, payment services). Only then will be able to identify and respond to new threats in this area.

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