Enterprise Ethereum Alliance has developed common standards for blockchains

Wednesday Ethereum Enterprise Alliance has announced the release of the General specifications for the block chain, thus fulfilling the promise made less than a month ago at an event in London.

Enterprise Ethereum Client Specification 1.0 was released at the conference Consensus 2018 in new York. It happened less than a month after the Board member EEA Jeremy Millar (Jeremy Millar), stated the importance of common standards for the development of initiatives based on industry-Ethereum blockchain within a speech at the London Expo Blockchain.

This is an important moment for the Alliance, which was founded
at the beginning of last year, with the support of major corporations such as British oil giant BP, JPMorgan Chase Bank and Microsoft as well as other parties interested in working with bloccano startups Ethereum ConsenSys, Nuco and BlockApps.

In a statement, the representatives of the initiative called the standards are the result of many months of joint work of participants of the market, noting that they will help to increase access to the software. General Director of the EEA Ron Resnick (Resnick Ron) said:

«Standards EEE Enterprise Ethereum Specification is the result of 18 months of intensive cooperation between the leading enterprises and members of the platform within our technical Committee. These rules for platforms with open source will allow to initiate mass distribution of technology that was previously not possible due to various corporate barriers.»

In a recent interview, Resnick said more about this work, noting that the main purpose of standards is to establish communication between different software that is developed by members of the group.

«All customers of Ethereum see the need for the reconciliation of the basic components and principles of their interaction with each other. Because if we do not, we will not be able to compete with their own solutions,» he said.

In the beginning of the month it became known that the EEA continues to pursue its «road map». Then the company representatives also reiterated the importance of developing standards for the industry and quick solutions to the problems in the sphere of privacy.

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