Eight years most expensive pizza in history

Today, the Bitcoin community once again celebrates bitcoin pizza story which began on may 22, 2010, when the Czech enthusiast Hanes Laszlo (laszlo) made the first real purchase for the cryptocurrency, he transferred 10 000 BTC to your friend (jercos), who ordered him two pizzas at Papa John’s.

At that time 10 000 BTC was around 40 dollars. Within 2011, the price of bitcoin increased 25 thousand times and the amount that Lazlo moved into my friend’s account, amounted to $ 100,000. The community remembered buying last year and since then every year calculates the cost of the infamous pizzas.

This began a tradition: every year on 22 may, representatives of the Bitcoin community across the land order a pizza and think how much would those two pizzas of 2010, the benefit amount of BTC was quite round. And almost every year their price increases. Today the bitcoin exchange rate is about 8 $ 300 (515 000). Accordingly, two pizzas would cost Hanescu to $ 83 million.

Laszlo has no regrets about such an expensive purchase – it made its first commercial transaction in bitcoins and went down in history of cryptocurrencies, thus helping spread bitcoins in the world.

Today, enthusiasts of the cryptocurrency Day is celebrated bitcoin pizza (Bitcoin Pizza Day), which you can purchase for the digital money in a variety of institutions around the world, including famous so Papa John’s – many of them charge additional bonuses on card user that paid for the order using cryptocurrency. Traditionally on this holiday the representatives of the cryptocurrency community eat pizza, talk about missed opportunities and a well-deserved reward for those who kept their bitcoins.

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