Discuss the purchase of the exchange WEX, ex-militia DNR from the Crimea

In the eventful history russkoyazychnoy exchange cryptocurrency WEX, the successor closed in July last year, BTC-e, can occur new a sharp turn. According to RBC, the stock exchange plans to buy the former militia of the DNI of the Crimea Dmitry Hevchenko with the call sign Sailor. Presumably a deal can stand Konstantin Malofeev, a Russian businessman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of group of companies «Constantinople».

Exchange WEX, the daily turnover which is now about $20 million, opened in September 2017. She became a full heir to BTC-e, closed by the owners after being in Greece at the request of the US Department of justice arrested
Russian Alexander winnick — according to us intelligence, one of the leaders of the exchange. At the same time conducted a RAID on a datacenter in the USA with the withdrawal of all servers BTC-e. However, the customer database and operations were later restored from a backup and was the basis for the launch of WEX.

As told RBC himself Hevchenko, in March 2014, he was in the «Crimean militia», in may, crossed the border and went to fight in the Donbass, selecting the call sign Sailor. Then they got acquainted with Alexander Boroday, the Russian strategist, the Prime Minister of DNR from may to August 2014 and former consultant of Konstantin Malofeev. «Friend» and «comrade», says Havenco Beard, but the details of his stay in the Donbass says.

According to Havenco, he became interested in cryptocurrency before the war in the Donbass. He believes the technology of the blockchain is a great opportunity to transfer money to the unrecognized Republic to bypass any sanctions — and not only in DND and LNR, but in Transnistria, South Ossetia and Abkhazia. At the end of April 2018, Chevchenko and current CEO of WEX Dmitry Vasilev has signed the agreement on intentions according to which was reached a preliminary agreement for the sale of the exchange.

«Vasilev was a Manager at Wex. The right of sale he received after a series of various force majeure events that took place with the exchange. We want to buy,» he explains.

Hevchenko, refused to give a preliminary sum of transaction, however, according to the interlocutor in an environment of Vasilyeva, the deal amounts to several million dollars. A former volunteer said that he had needed to purchase the amount and no «Constantinople», nor any other structure, it loans to take does not intend, and nothing to «Constantinople», he has not.

If the deal goes through, the team exchange will be transferred to the Crimea, and the management company will be registered, for example, in one of the unrecognized republics. In addition, Chevchenko going to solve the issues of ownership with one of the mysterious[ the founders of BTC-e — Alex, who lives somewhere in the far East.

«I decided to become cryptomerioides, so that no secret owners of speech can not be» — sums up Hevchenko.

According to Vasilyev, he was negotiating the sale of the exchange and said that Jan is no longer involved in the management of exchange relationships with partners at an impasse, but has not specified, about whom exactly there is a speech. «I plan to sell the exchange to pursue other projects,» he said. According to the interlocutor in its environment, the new patrons project gradually replaced his team with his people. A major client Wex argues that solved the problem with his account at the exchange with people who have the attitude of «Tsargrad».

Chevchenko said that now his influence on the current work of the exchange is not enough, explaining that the obligation to repurchase the debt tokens BTC-e are not met, since the beginning of the year, trading volume fell from $100 million per day up to $20 million is Partly due to the falling value of bitcoin, but this was not the main reason — according to Coinmarketcap Wex did not hold positions in the ranking of the largest sites from twenty fell in the middle of the first hundred. Hevchenko believes that this is due to the personality of the head: Vasiliev, in his opinion, a good startup, but a bad Manager. After the purchase he promises to make Wex «powerful and Patriotic project».

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