Developer messenger Line launches cryptocurrency exchange

In January this year, the company-developer of the popular in Asia messenger Line announced that it plans to launch its own cryptocurrency platform. And today it was announced that next month’s trading platform called BitBox will begin its work.

The new site will support 30 cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin Cash. The Commission for the implementation of the transactions will be only 0.1%. The platform will support 15 languages and is available worldwide, except Japan and the United States. This decision is connected with some difficulties due to the nature of regulation in these countries. It is known that the application for registration of the exchange to the financial services Agency (FSA) of Japan has already submitted and is currently being considered. Also, the company said that the platform will not support Fiat currency and all transactions will occur only with scriptactive.

Monthly messenger Line used by about 200 million people. And in addition to the message transfer service also allows you to listen to music, watch streaming video, send payments, etc. Line is focused mainly on users from Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia. They accounted for 168 million people. In this regard, the exclusion of Japan from the list looks particularly strange, but rules are rules and as soon as the company receives the approval of the FSA, the Japanese traders will immediately get access to the site.

In addition, the head of the company’s Line of Idesawa Takeshi (Takeshi Idezawa) stated that it is developing its own token, which can be used to interact with various services on the platform, but declined to give details.

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