«Cryptococci on the catwalk»: a collection of clothes Anastasia Almazov on the topic of cryptocurrency

On the podium came models in t-shirts, Polo shirts and baseball caps with the image cryptococcal. This is the first designer clothing collection in Russia, devoted to digital money.

Anastasia Almazov refused the usual prints, so the image of each cryptonatica masters applied manually. In the same way as in kryptomere, all cats are different, no one figure is not repeated.

Designer Anastasia Almazova: «for the First time the word «cryptococci» I have heard from my close friend who owns a company selling mining equipment. I decided to inquire, what is this «cryptococci», and what they eat. I was delighted with these cuties, I can’t call them otherwise. And I immediately wanted to embody their images in its collection.

I am fully immersed in work and not in vain, because now I see that people have any great interest in this. This is understandable: the world of fashion is something unusual, and something unusual always attracts attention.»

The outfits are not just for women, Anastasia has released a line of t-shirts for men. This is the first collection of designer Casual style — before that, the center created the clothes of a class pret-a-porte and evening wear. In the near future, the designer plans to create another collection with cryptocotyle, this time on the catwalk will be models in sportswear.

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