Coinbase whitelisted for publishing advertising on Facebook

CEO of leading us cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Brian Armstrong (Brian Armstrong) said that his company is white listed for the publication of advertising on Facebook.

«In the beginning of this year, Facebook banned advertising of crypto-currencies. Proud to announce that we have made to the white list and now we will continue to acquaint more people with the open financial system,» wrote Armstrong on his page in Facebook.

Facebook banned ads for crypto earlier this year. Proud to say we’ve now been whitelisted and are back introducing more people to an open financial system

— Brian Armstrong (@brian_armstrong) 20 Jul 2018

A complete ban on advertising cryptocurrency projects and campaigns in Facebook ICO has been significantly weakened
at the end of last month, when representatives of the largest social network said that to obtain permission for publication of advertising products and services in the field of cryptocurrency, advertisers must provide data about licenses, listing on the stock exchanges and any important public information about your business.

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