Co-founder of Uber launches cryptocurrency exchange to trade no commissions

With the support of prominent businessmen planned the launch of the Voyager – new exchange cryptocurrency trading without any commissions.

According to the report, Fortune, the exchange of the Voyager was created by Uber co-founder Oscar Salazar (Oscar Salazar), as well as one of the early investors in the app Eytan Philip (Philip Eytan). CEO of Voyager was Steven Ehrlich (Ehrlich Stephen), former President and founder of the retail brokerage Lightspeed Financial, which also previously operated a sales division for online broker E*Trade to purchase Lightspeed.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the new exchange cryptocurrency trading without any commissions. This puts Voyager in a row with a trading app Robinhood, which seeks to fundamentally change the status quo of the market, by eliminating some costs associated with cryptocurrency trading.

Voyager plans to add 15 in the listing of cryptocurrencies from a list of 25 of the most effective networks, including bitcoin live Bitcoin and Cash. According to Ehrlich, the Voyager also «inclined» to Ripple and Stellar, which is not on the list of major US exchanges.

«If the big players will start trading these cryptocurrencies, we too will join me and add them and other similar coins,» he said.

In addition, Voyager intends to add support for cryptocurrency news and analysis, as well as additional tools for the segment of institutional investors. Beta testing will begin this week and by the end of October, traders will be able to download the app exchange.

According to the statement of Voyager, now the exchange is in the process of obtaining a license in the United States. «We do not think that cryptocurrency is already widespread in the United States,» said Ehrlich.

Salazar is not the only founder of Uber, who drew attention to the cryptocurrency industry. In March it became known that the second co-founder Garrett camp (Garrett Camp) intends to issue a cryptocurrency, called Eco. Camp plans to issue $ 1 trillion coins, half of which will be free distributed among the first billion is registered and verified users.

20% of tokens will be provided to colleges, universities, and managing nodes. 10% will go to the company’s partners, advisors and most Eco Foundation, which will support the network. Operating costs Eco camp Foundation and its partners plan to allocate $10 million.

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