Co-founder of the exchange Bitmex has become the youngest British billionaire

British media reported that the 34-year-old Ben the Thing (Ben Delo), co-founder of the cryptocurrency exchange Bitmex, became the youngest British billionaire who achieved success on their own.

According to the article, The Sunday Times, in the Yearbook of the College Ben Case said that the results of the vote, he was voted the student with the greatest chances to become a millionaire. In addition, within the same vote, he took second place among the most likely candidates for imprisonment according to the results of their activities.

Now the British media called the co-founder of Bitmex the first Briton who became a billionaire using the cryptocurrency, and the youngest British billionaire who achieved success on their own – now he is only 34 years old.

In 2005, Ben Delo graduated from Worcester College one of the colleges of Oxford University computer science and mathematics. He then worked at IBM as a software engineer and then moved to Hong Kong to work at JP Morgan.

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitmex was founded by Ben Case, Samuel reed (Samuel Reed) and Arthur Hayes (Arthur Hayes) in 2014. The case noted that to run the exchange, they had to work thoroughly:

«I actively worked on the development of the company for four years. At some point I was working 18 hours a day.»

The case also talked about the fact that he lived in rooms that were rented through Airbnb due to the fact that the company had brought in little income in the early stages. As he also said, due to lack of funds he and his wife mostly ate at McDonalds. The case argues that and now tries to maintain a modest lifestyle, taking inspiration from the life style of Warren Buffett and bill gates. In addition, he constantly donates to various charities.

Bitmex has quickly risen and has taken a prominent place in the market by offering great leverage for cryptocurrency contracts. Because of this, the exchange currently has the highest trading volume among cryptocurrency platforms in the world.

Bitmex now boasts a 24-hour trading volume of about $2.55 billion — nearly $900 million more than the second highest daily trading volume of the exchange Coinex ($1.66 billion). In addition, the daily indicators Bitmex is almost twice higher than the same volume of the third in the list of the exchange Binance ($1.33 billion).

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