Chinese cloud provider Xunlei has created a new file system on the blockchain

Chinese tech company Xunlei Limited, sometimes called BitTorrent China, announced Friday the launch of a new distributed file system designed for blockchain-based platforms.

ThunderChain File System (TCFS), as well as three standard ThunderChain Request for Comments (TRC) will help to support the development of the technology of the blockchain, said in a statement. A new file system, in particular, aims at bringing together the functions of existing platforms such as the IPFS and Filecoin, while new security settings.

TCFS was anonsirovana during the ceremony, held in Shenzhen before the company unveiled the winners of the sponsored international competition for blockchain projects.

As previously reported, for the first time Xunlei has announced the launch of ThunderChain in April. Then the company said that its new blockchain will be able to provide «throughput in million transactions per second.»

New TCFS, according to a Friday release, created specifically for such blockchain platforms like ThunderChain. Standards TRC aims at creating an ecosystem, allowing third parties to develop applications on top of the blockchain of the company.

CEO of Xunlei lei Chen (Lei Chen) said that the company «is committed to increasing the opportunities for everyone through technological innovation.» He also added:

«That is why we have introduced the file system ThunderChain and other new initiatives as we continue to help developers to disclose the real value of the blockchain. We are also pleased to see a large number of practical use cases of the blockchain, developed in the course of the contest, and would like to thank all participants for their great contribution».

For the first time, the company began its efforts in the industry blockchain last October. Since then, however, she was faced with two class actions from its investors in connection with the initial public offering of tokens (ICO), which was held by Xunlei.

The blockchain industry in China is developing very actively – more and more companies and industry start-UPS are paying attention to the technology. Last week, the blockchain startup THEKEY launched
in partnership with the government of China research Fund of $20 million to support the development and application of the blockchain in the area of social insurance.

The government also actively supports the development of technology in recent months. In April, with the support of the city authorities in Hangzhou, the Fund was launched to invest in blockchain startups. In addition, in the same month, the Shenzhen administration supported the launch of a similar Fund.

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