China released the third ranking of cryptocurrency projects

Centre for the development of China’s information technology (CCID) has published the data of the third rating of cryptocurrency projects. In the list, consisting of 31 projects, EOS, remains in first place. While Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash slightly improved their positions from last month.

СCID began to make a rating of the cryptocurrency in may of this year – the first list includes 28 projects. A month later, the Center added in a rating of two projects — EOS Nebulas, while immediately putting the EOS in the first place. This month was added another project Gxchain, and the total number included in the list of cryptocurrencies exceeded three dozen.

In the latest ranking EOS, remains in first place, followed by Ethereum, as in the previous month. NEM continues to occupy the last place in the list. Bitcoin moved up from 17th to 16th place, while Bitcoin Cash – from 28th to 25th.

Gxchain debuted in the ranking at the fourth place. This project is a «decentralized stock exchange based on blockchain», created on the basis of a stable cryptocurrency pegged to the yuan, as reported in the White book of the project. According to the project website, Gxchain should be «a bridge between data sources, released on different platforms.»

According to China Electronics News Agency (Cena) is a media Agency headed by the Ministry of industry and information technology CCID rating is based on the «comprehensive study and evaluation of the open block chain on three aspects: core technology, application and innovation.»

«As part of the review of the underlying technology CCID mainly evaluates the technical level of the existing open network, including functionality, performance, security and decentralization,» — said Cena. «As for the major technical indicators, EOS received the highest rating».

Cena also notes that when studying aspects associated with the application, CCID focuses on the study of the comprehensive ability of the open web to support its actual use. In particular, the center explores options such as deployment of nodes, the application to the wallet, supporting the development and implementation of applications. For these parameters the highest score received Ethereum.

The study of the parameter associated with innovation, focuses mainly on assessing the continuity of innovations in a network with open source, including the number of developers, updates, code and impact code. In conclusion, the article notes:

«Bitcoin takes the first place in terms of global influence and high innovative activity».

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