CFA Institute will start training on cryptocurrency and the blockchain

A non-profit organization, CFA Institute, whose program has helped to train over 150,000 professionals in the field of Finance, next year will add to its training programme I and II-level topics for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Materials for the exams in 2019 will be published in August. This will enable candidates to begin training, which is recommended to be given at least 300 hours. According to news Agency Bloomberg, this step can be a clear indication that cryptocurrencies are on wall street.

The topic of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain have been added in the new block «Financial technology in investment management,» after industry participants have expressed strong interest in this sector.

After last year’s boom of bitcoin to traditional financial systems every day more and more intertwined with the cryptocurrency industry. This is evidenced by the many products that prodvinulis due to this symbiosis of the financial world and new technologies.

Despite the fact that from the beginning of 2018 in the cryptocurrency sphere is declining and the real impact of blockchain projects is limited, many experts believe that the technology of the blockchain will eventually penetrate not only in all spheres of the global financial system, but goes far beyond it.

Materials on cryptocurrency and the blockchain will also be included in a number of other questions on the topic of Finance such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, databases, and automated trading. It is not excluded that in the future the course is supplemented by additional issues associated with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

«We will only win because the expansion and adoption of cryptocurrencies in our financial system has increased significantly,» said 27-year-old student of the Department of Economics of Finance, Columbia University, Cayden Lee (Kayden Lee), past the first step of the CFA exam in June.

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