BTCC re-launched cryptocurrency exchange and issuing its own token

Chinese BTCC — one of the first cryptocurrency companies in the world — declared the restarting of the exchange, closed last fall after the ban of the Chinese government on trade cryptocurrencies.

New cryptocurrency exchange allows its users to trade BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC in pairs the US dollar and crypto-currency pairs.

The BTCC also announced that the new platform presents a system that will allow users to earn rewards for taking actions on the stock exchange, such as account registration, proof of identity, and of course trade. Points can later be exchanged for exchange tokens, which will appear «in a couple of months.» About new BTCC tokens while it is known only that their volume will be limited, but the company is not yet ready to name specific values or the rate at which bonus points will be exchanged for tokens.

The company’s plans are very ambitious and in the future BTCC plans to expand the list presented on the platform of assets, including tokens ERC20. Its main platform, which were mainly targeted Chinese traders, BTCC shut down about a year ago, after the people’s Bank of China banned the ICO and restricted cryptocurrency trading.

The company had to move to Hong Kong, where she opened a new platform called DAX, but its activity was soon suspended. Meanwhile, Chinese competitors BTCC, including Huobi and OKCoin, has successfully relaunched its own site in the other jurisdictions and again were able to bring them among the leaders in terms of trading.

In addition to cryptocurrency exchanges BTCC leads two directions is a mining pool wallet and mobile Mobi. In the beginning of this year the BTCC was purchased by a Hong Kong Fund, and last week it became known that the company plans to sell
49% of its shares in a mining pool Hong Kong firm asset management.

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