Boeing and SparkCognition uses the blockchain to fly drones

Aerospace giant Boeing announced a partnership with specializing in developments in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) company SparkCognition. The goal of the partnership is to develop solutions for flight control of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) based on the technology of the blockchain and AI.

Within the cooperation the company will provide a standardized software interface to support the delivery of, industrial control and other commercial applications.

«According to some analysts, the development of urban aeromobility can lead to the creation of the largest new market, which is estimated at 3 trillion dollars,» said founder and chief Executive officer SparkCognition Amir Hussein. «Cooperation is a global leader in the aviation industry with the company on the basis of the AI means to achieve this will involve an unprecedented experience in the field of safety, innovation, scalability, and reliability.»

The activities of the companies will focus on areas such as Autonomous flight and advanced movement and modeling of smart cities and exploring new market opportunities for the solution of transport tasks of the future.

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