Blockstream has opened the platform tokenization assets sidechained Bitcoin Liquid

Blockstream, the company has announced a new custom platform for creating tokens in the sidechained Bitcoin.

According to a press release, the company officially launched the program Issued Assets (IA) on your sidechained Bitcoin Liquid that gives users the ability to create your own licenzirovanie assets. These tokens can be any type of financial instrument, including Fiat currency, scriptactive or verified assets (e.g. gold coins), as well as other types of assets.

Users can apply the new protection scheme of data called «sensitive assets» («confidential assets»), which last year introduced
Blockstream, to protect the transaction between the assets on the blockchain. The scheme allows you to hide the transaction information from prying eyes, and leaves it available only to parties to the transaction.

Moreover, users can make atomic swaps between bitcoin and other scriptactive, which include altcoins. This means that bitcoin can be exchanged for an asset through a single transaction without intermediaries. The start-up representatives claim that making a single transaction takes less than two minutes.

Blockstream has presented the instrument at the conference of Consensus 2018 in new York, showing how Liquid can be used for production of five different types of IA to represent physical products.

During the demonstration of these assets were shirts and hoodies and these tokens were randomly sent to paper wallets of the participants. Each paper wallet’s public key, and the owners could exchange tokens for the assets which they represented. After the physical gifts have been received, the digital assets were destroyed.

In 2015, the company Blockstream, which is now one of the leading developers in the cryptocurrency industry, first told about the plans to create the first commercial sidechained Bitcoin codenamed Liquid oriented to provide fast commercial transaction for the cryptocurrency exchanges, brokers and other industry participants.

And in January last year, the company released a White paper on shadchanim Liquid and Strong Federations. Then the initial concept Liquid was presented as the first implementation StrongFederation. Apparently more than a year, the concept has undergone again some changes which resulted in emergence of the platform for tokenization assets.

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