Blockchain launched EOS, the network selects the «creators block»

10 June 2018 at 14:00 UTC, after nearly a year ICO and weeks of testing, officially launched the network of EOS. However, after two days, the network is still at the stage of elections validators or «creators block», similar to the miners in PoW networks that will create and validate new blocks. But there will be only 21, and the difficulty is in selecting the most «worthy» candidates. As long as it did not happen, no one can fully use EOS, although users can already see the coins in their wallets.

The launch did not reveal any problems and how only 15% (150 million tokens) vote and will be chosen by the creators of the first blocks of the blockchain EOS can be considered fully launched.

Those wishing to vote should have some technical knowledge, since the team EOS did not prepare the GUI for voting, so to vote you need through the command line interface. The voting can be followed on the following the link. The process is slower than expected at the time of publication voted only 5.7% of the tokens.

Tusi Vahid (Vahid Toosi) from EOS SW/Eden believes that there is a psychological barrier at 40 million tokens as soon as it is passed – the vote will go faster. However, this acceleration has not yet happened, and the main problem is the technical complexity of the process and a nonzero probability of loss of coins in the voting.

«Most people are waiting for when the tool will be checked and verified to ensure the security of its use before proceeding to the vote,» says Saeed Jafri (Jafri Syed) of EOS Cafe Calgary, one of the candidates for the creators of the blocks.

This was confirmed by the representative of the Multicoin Capital, who said: «Right now, the only tool available for voting available for hot wallet. We will not vote until you have the opportunity to vote from a cold wallet. I’m sure many other large holders think the same way.»

However, once the blockchain EOS is fully operational, the voting will be continuous, and the EOS will review the votes to the most supported of the founders of the blocks, approximately every two minutes. Thus not the fact that the elected the creators of the first units will keep their positions.

I would also like to note that the overall negative market backdrop has not allowed owners to earn coins on this event: at the time of publication EOS has already lost around 40% of the cost in Fiat currencies since the official launch and is now worth $10.78.

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