Bithumb returned the stolen assets for $14 million

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb said that she was able to almost halve the losses associated with the recent break-in.

As we reported earlier, on June 20 was hacked
Bithumb, one of the largest bitcoin exchanges in South Korea and in the world by trading volume. The result was stolen 35 billion Korean won ($31 million).

On Thursday, the company published updated information on the progress made in the recovery of funds, stating that it reduced the damage to 19 billion won ($17 million) in the framework of cooperation
with the world’s exchanges for the return of certain funds, and to prevent further losses.

Updating Bithumb also first stated that 11 species of cryptocurrency assets were stolen during the burglary. It is noteworthy that much of the stolen funds were in bitcoin — 2 016 BTC, currently worth about $12 million.

Other losses in the cryptocurrency include 2 ETH 219, 692 BCH and 5.2 million XRP, which cost approximately $950 000, $487, 000 and $2.4 million respectively, based on the latest data on prices. In addition, was stolen tokens — Aelf, Golem and Kyber.

The exchange also announced that the incident is not yet fully completed, and therefore, the ban on making assets and withdrawals on the platform will continue for some time. Still Bithumb did not disclose the approximate timing of the resumption of full service.

After a break last week daily volume of trading on the Bithumb dropped significantly from $400 million to $124 million at present.

If you believe the statement of the exchange, then attempts Bithumb to return the funds after the break proved to be more fruitful than the efforts of other sites, also victims of hackers. After hacking the exchange Coincheck in January of this year, when it was stolen tokens NEM $530 million, the site also tried to find funds and to mention any address associated with the theft. But the hackers were one step ahead of the mosaic Protocol tracking. Since the fraudsters took payments in bitcoin and lateline on its stock exchange in darknet for sale stolen tokens, the system was unable to track a large part of the transaction. In April, four months after the burglary, it was reported that all the stolen tokens were laundered through the darknet.

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