Bitcoin Core developer Matt Corallo issued a new Protocol for mining BetterHash

Bitcoin Core developer Matt Corallo (Matt Corallo) has launched a new BetterHash Protocol, which enables miners to use their own templates, calculate hashes, and not those that are provided by the owners of pools.

As explained Corallo, this was done with the aim of increasing decentralization of mining. Miners will continue to interact with the pools, but if you use this Protocol, the owners of pools will no longer be able to control them.

The main pools for bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies, the most commonly used Protocol Stratum. Configure a new Protocol will vary greatly.

The Stratum Protocol provides ordinary miners block templates and information about all transactions, which greatly makes it impossible to control what they produce. The new Protocol will allow the miners to run their own nodes, to create templates, select the transaction and collect blocks for mining.

«This approach will prevent the possibility of attack 51%, selfish mining, censorship of the transaction and double spending,» said Corallo.

Corallo posted a tweet with a link to the Protocol specification and test pool version and proxies for miners based on BetterHash, which is currently in the testing phase:

Finally published a draft of the mining protocols I’ve been working on for a while today. Lots of potential to make mining more effecient, more secure and more decentralized. Also discussions at and

— Matt Corallo (@TheBlueMatt) 5 Jun 2018

The launch of the new Protocol is a response to the growing impact of large mining pools, in particular the two pools, Bitmain, who already control
42% of the network hash rate yet.

Some community members fear that the missing 9% can see Bitmain can get ViaBTC, an investor who Bitmain played in the latest round of financing, although ViaBTC claims that remains independent pool.

Using the new Protocol, miners will continue to interact with the pools in the usual way, however, the owners of pools will no longer be able to control them.

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