Bitcoin Cash in the doldrums: the intensity of transactions and development significantly decreased

The network of Bitcoin Cash again criticized after the group bitPico found the problem, which she called «fake decentralization».

Data repositories on GitHub Bitcoin (BTC) and Cash (BCH) demonstrate a sharp contrast in the activity of development of these networks.

According to a July 15 Twitter statistics active developers of Bitcoin is much higher than the team Bitcoin Cash. Since April, the activity of BCH on GitHub is significantly reduced, and compared with the steady progress of Bitcoin it almost disappeared.

Difference between $and BTC #bcash #bcrash ???? Well, there you go….

— ⚡This Darth Maul⚡ I (@malimujo) July 15, 2018

In addition, the blocks of the Bitcoin Cash there is a very low volume of transactions – one of the blocks at the weekend contained only 5 kilobytes of data. Ironic that Bitcoin started to function on the 2-megabyte blocks before althin, whose representatives said that the survival of Bitcoin must increase the block size.

Signs of centralization

Volatile Bitcoin Cash continues to cause controversy – especially after the anonymous group of developers and users of Bitcoin called bitPico moved in their coordinated attack to test network resiliency BCH. The movement started after a similar test Lightning Network that satisfied bitPico.

Last week, the site bitPico was blocked, which led to a flood of new accusations against Bitcoin Cash — this time, the centralization of activities. «Our monitoring node was again centrally banned (…) Switching to a new IP address, we again connected to the network,» wrote the group on 11 July.

«Now we monitor IP addresses because, apparently, they split into separate groups network may, in order to fake decentralization».

Recall that the purpose of the stress test is the initiation of many forks of Bitcoin Cash after accumulating thousands of «attacking» nodes. Representatives of the Bitcoin Cash will not give an official comment regarding its plans, while bitPico publicly stated that she does not trust the technical basis alithina.

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