August 4, SKOLKOVO will host the Digital Economic Forum

4 August in Moscow on the basis of Technopark SKOLKOVO will be one of the most important economic events of the year “Digital economy Forum”.

The forum will be attended by 3,000 participants, will highlight this event 1000 international media. To participate in about 40 speakers.

At the moment the organizers do not advertise all the speakers, but there are available part
programs and reports. The forum will be consecrated on 8 directions, such as:

  • The Development Of DAPPs
  • Holding ICO
  • Industrial mining
  • Trading
  • Investing in cryptocurrency
  • Legalization of cryptocurrency
  • Recruiting in the blockchain
  • Opportunities for Sturt-up

“The Digital Economic Forum” announced a unique list of speakers and topics.
For anyone interested in FinTech, will be:

  • Yaroslav Kabakov, the company “Finam”
  • Grigory Verbitsky, the company “eToro”
    «Macroeconomics of the cryptocurrency and asset management in global markets»

  • Maxim Avdeev, Qiwi platform
    «UTILITY vs SECURITY: how to make $10 TRILLION on a new wave of tokenization»

  • Christina Kost, a member of the working group at the Expert Council on digital
    the economy and blockchain technology at the State Duma of the Russian Federation

  • Alexander Borodich, founder and CEO of “Universa”

The main focus of the forum will do the legal part of the industry. This, together with the
REU them. GV Plekhanov and “Blockchain Lawyers” will be held a two-hour
a panel discussion about the new legislation, «Legislative
regulation and legal aspects of blockchain technologies.»

Will lead a discussion of 13 experts, including representatives of the State Duma
Russian Federation lawyers and advocates with international practice.
Among them: Hope Harsh, Roman Yankovsky, Nadezhda Agranovskaya, Ilya Mikheev, Denis
Aharonov, Alexander Zhuravlev, Veronica Volkov, Igor Sudets, Mikhail Uspensky, Dmitriy
Grits and others.

Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev, the same will Express his view on what
regulation of the industry and will reveal what can we expect from the new

Also the “Digital economy Forum” will raise a unique theme that no one
discussed before:
Nikita Kulikov, will speak about the new phenomenon of crypto-offshore.
Alexander Zakharov, a representative of the law firm “Migranes”, about the complexity
regulation of cryptocurrency income in Russia and a second passport as a way out of the situation.

Will not remain without attention and the representatives of the startup sphere.
Oleg Ivanov, CEO “CryptoBazar”, let’s talk about an alternative attract money to the project in the form of cryptocurrency.
Egor Guriev, CEO of the project “PlayKey”, will talk about his unique experience of engaging in your game start-up funds for ICO, — UPS before venture investors and the difficulties they faced.
Ivan Tikhonov, CEO of Bits.Media, to help projects understand how to communicate with the media.

Not without focus and future of the blockchain industry.
Roman Kaufmann will speak on trends in the blockchain in 2018, Alexei Fedorov, a representative of the Russian quantum center, will perform with the topic «Quantum technologies: the future of blockchain,» and the well-known trader and practitioner Andrey Ryabykh will talk about «Crypto-camp or non-cash Paradise — what future bring us cryptocurrency?».

Rises theme analysis of the cryptocurrency assets:
Dmitry Karpilovsky: «Analysis of investment funds suggestions: risk assessment»
Denis Prussian: «Cryptocurrency portfolios in 2018. How to make
a balanced portfolio».

Artem Tolkachev, will make unusual
the theme of mining and the well-known Ukrainian expert Kir Kelevra will make extensive theme with the collection and analysis of data for cryptocurrency market and tell you how to distinguish
the fake information from the real data.

For ticket categories “Business” and “VIP” after the forum there will be a closed AfterParty,
where participants will be able to informally chat with the speakers, experts, investors, government representatives, enjoy amazing cocktails and a delicious dinner.

The forum is really busy and recommended to all who
working in the field associated with the cryptocurrency and bloccano.

Because the purchased ticket and one day on the forum, could save you millions of rubles of investment in ineffective options. ICO, cryptocurrency assets, projects and so on, will help to clarify the situation with regulation and legislation to avoid
the unpleasant consequences with the closure of the company and inquiries.
You can learn and save money on the purchase and setup of mining equipment
to meet many investors and the media directly into the forum that will give
the ability to attract money to the project and to agree on the publications and advertising on
popular resources to get valuable contacts non-public people.

The cost of tickets varies from 2 000 to 250 00 RUB. Please note that
the ticket price changes as it approaches the beginning of the forum.

To learn about the forum details and to buy tickets please follow the link: WDEF.RU

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