Association of corporate treasurers proceeds to test the blockchain in SPFS

The members of the Association of corporate treasurers (ACC), which brings together the major players in all market segments and will begin testing the technology of the blockchain for transmission of financial messages that are implemented in projects on the basis of «Association of FINTECH» (aft).

The participants of the project, which starts in the third and fourth quarters of 2018, will develop unificazione electronic message formats and solutions for their future integration treasuries of companies and automated banking systems.

«Attracting expertise from the ACC will allow the AFL to consider the expectations of the corporate segment of the financial market in implementation of infrastructure projects. Testing can participate in all company and participating banks aft», – said managing Director of aft Tatyana Zharkova.

According to her, the main challenge of the project is to expand the system of transmission of financial messages according to developed in the framework of testing of the prototypes of the single formats.

The blockchain will be tested within projects implemented by the largest banks on the basis of aft: a distributed digital registry of Bank guarantees, decentralized Depository accounting system of the mortgage certificates and digital credit.

In 2014, once in September, the European Parliament raised the question about disabling Russian banks from the international system of exchange of banking information SWIFT, on the basis of the it platform of the Bank of Russia launched its Russian equivalent – the system of transmission of financial messages (SPFS). In 2017, it has been used and non-financial organizations.

However, the tools used in SPPS, do not always meet the needs of corporate participants in the market: since most of the documents are transmitted electronically in free format, it is difficult to work with them, given the large number of counterparty banks, which interact with Treasury companies.

The President of ACC, Mr Kozinc argues that corporate market participants are interested in creating a single gateway payment terminal, allowing to send the financial (and subsequently economic) message in a unified manner in the automated banking system once all Bank counterparties.

«Globally we are talking about optimizing the payment system of large corporations and the transition to a single electronic document management system, guaranteed major infrastructure player, such as, for example, the Bank of Russia», – he said.

The President of ACC said that now starts a joint project of the Central Bank, ACC and aft, which, with the help of the blockchain will allow us to modify SPFS for use in the corporate segment.


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