Another pseudo-Satoshi writes «autobiographical» book about the creation of Bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto is everywhere and nowhere, anybody and nobody. Most of the bitcoin supporters acknowledge that Satoshi made the right choice, leaving the arena in 2010, but all very interesting, how the situation will develop, if he comes back. For eight years, of course, there are many fake Satoshi and made another assumption, saying the return of the Creator of Bitcoin.

The website is a page with text. The site is as minimalist as the first written survey of Satoshi, which appeared in the newsletter Shirobokov. Bloomberg suggests that the site is the creation of Satoshi, and the 21-page PDF file posted on it (number of pages, possibly symbolic) contains the beginning of his upcoming book. There are many reasons why this creation is hardly a work of Satoshi, however, very probable that shook the cryptocurrency community.

«Duality» is a composition, supposedly of authorship Satoshi Nakamoto is a very intriguing document. It contains 21 pages — more than twice the length of the original White paper on Bitcoin and is much more solipsistic character than anything previously written by the real Satoshi. This document is almost certainly a hoax. However hungry idols Satoshi found a foothold to convince everyone that this is the real job Creator of Bitcoin.

The author definitely had a lot of fun while working on it – he even created a cryptogram, which is proposed to solve the readers. The difficulty with the discrediting of deception or authenticity of the original — is that no one knew the real Satoshi Nakamoto. At least, not in the real world. Therefore, to consider only its primary digital footprint – a White paper on Bitcoin, writing of newsletters and posts on the forum Bitcointalk. Anyone who has carefully studied the style of writing, can imitate Satoshi is his spelling, punctuation, grammatical quirks and convincing academic tone.

On the website Nakamoto Family Foundation says:

«Published the first excerpt of a literary work consisting of two parts. Excerpt posted on this page. I wanted in it was summarized the whole story. For those who can’t read the full book, I wanted to make this excerpt available. It contains the most urgent questions and answers. I wanted these facts and people have become known to all. Or at least the majority. However, most of the information I’ll save for the book – the most interesting part, I hope… anyway in the book there will be many new names and people, because this is a story about my personal life».

Anyone who is familiar with the works of Satoshi will notice that the statement is not consistent with the style of writing of the Creator of Bitcoin. Missing his signature double spacing, and the American spelling of some words (although explanation of the change of style), typos and a sudden willingness to position itself in the center of the story.

The real Satoshi, as you know, was too shy to answer personal questions were picky in relation to inspections of his work and shrugged off all attempts to understand its origin, motivation and nature. But the author of a new book, apparently, wants to tell all — or as much as possible without completely revealing any information about yourself. «I still rejoice when I find mistakes – both in code and in letters,» writes the author of «Duality», a few paragraphs after the wrong spelling of the word «skill».

However, bitminer did not seem impressed with «the new work of Satoshi». One of the users familiar with the last work of Satoshi tweeted:

«For some reason, although Satoshi is known as an elegant writer, none of his imitators did not bother to write well. This document is horribly written.»

If Satoshi is still alive, he surely understands that mystical aura around him is based largely on its refusal to reveal any personal information about yourself. In the «Duality» reveals such details as the reason for choosing the name Satoshi, its approximate location and why he chose his original writing style.

It is interesting work, but its author is likely to be a very brave man or the media, which is ready to jeopardize his reputation. The real Satoshi can simply sign a message with one of your original keys or move a coin out of his purse, adding a message in the OP_RETURN field, confirming that «Duality» — his creativity. Until that time, this and all other similar claims can be considered fakes. Such claims require real evidence.

Satoshi did not just «came back» in the cryptocurrency space repeatedly, various people declared that they – the real Satoshi. Craig Wright (Craig Wright) – the man who won the greatest popularity in this field. In may 2016, he even introduced
proof that he is the Creator of Bitcoin. As the primary evidence, he cited the signature of the message with the same key, with which Hal Finney was sent some of the first generated coins in 2009 that were contained in block #9 of the blockchain of Bitcoin. However, the signature turned out to be a clever forgery based only on the open part of the key pair. All the other candidates for the role of Satoshi was even less convincing.

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