A year later, the former militia of the DNI refused to buy the crypto currency exchange Wex

Exactly a year ago was very significant for the Russian community of cryptocurrency event: closed BTC-e, the largest platform for the exchange of crypto currency for rubles. Today again, the «storm» of its successor — exchange WEX, which opened in September last year.

The customers no longer expect anything good, and traders who keep her money in the first place interested in one question: will they be able to get them back. In the beginning of the month the rumors about the problems in the market was unexpectedly confirmed the news on its purchase of the former militiaman Dmitry DNR, Havenco under the call sign Sailor. In the Twitter exchange soon came the rebuttal, but she was not able to return to normal operation.

The next revelation was the statements in Facebook Dmitry Vasiliev, who was known as the CEO of the exchange. Vasilyev said that no longer controls the exchange of things on it are worse than ever, and its new owners are close to having to bury a once successful business. Now the fate of Wex, obviously, can come a new sharp turn.

The head of the Crimean branch of the Union of volunteers of Donbass Dmitry Havenco announced that it has abandoned its intention after unsuccessful negotiations with the owner of a cryptocurrency exchange Wex Dmitry Vasiliev about buying it.

«The date of signing the final documents for the deal from the Wex with an average daily turnover of $20 million was administered three times, but at the last moment everything was cancelled,» he said.

According to Chevchenko the last time the signing of the Treaty was scheduled for July 25, but instead Vasiliev arrived in Moscow, his lawyer, that did not suit the potential buyer.

«100% of Singaporean company World Exchange Services, which is the official operator of the exchange, Vasiliev was offered $3 million to $5 million, but he constantly changed the terms of the deal,» said Avchenko.

Another reason of refusal to purchase a well – known constraints on Wex lately. Since the beginning of July the exchange rate of bitcoin on the exchange substantially exceeds the weighted average: today BTC you can buy on Wex for $9700, whereas on other sites for $8200. The output of all crypto-currencies except NMC, NVC, PPC, ZEC and USDT has been closed for more than two weeks. Moreover, only the last two can be considered as liquid. But their course is actually tantamount to blocking the conclusion: so, the token USDT, pegged to the dollar at a ratio of 1:1, now on sale for $2.58 and the ZEC, which in most markets is $227 on WEX you can buy for $560. With the withdrawal of Fiat currencies, the situation is even worse:

«Wex has limited the ability of asset Stripping: for example, the exchange of bitcoins, ether and other cryptocurrency for Fiat money can be produced only with the help of the service «Yandex.Money» with 55% Commission. Two weeks ago it was possible to fix the situation, now the time is missed,» notes Hevchenko.

In fact, clients WEX reported in social networks that the provision for the withdrawal of Yandex.money on the stock exchange are very small and even with such a Commission to bring them hard. Thus, for clients WEX has become not so much exchange, how much is a lottery: most of those who never withdrew money, purchased depreciating tokens WEX in the hope to increase the initial Deposit several times, if the stock exchange will resume. The rest are waiting for the resumption of the withdrawal in other currencies and to stabilize rates.

Dmitry Vasiliev has not yet given comment about the situation, and it looks more complicated. If Vasilev, as he said earlier, has no control over the exchange, who really controls it? And if Hevchenko still tried to by the stock exchange from Vasilyeva, what role he will play after the failure of the sale? What are the real chances for the resumption of work of the exchange, if its personnel for several days did not give any public information? The answers to these questions at the moment.

But today’s news relate not only to the WEX. Now Dmitry Hevchenko allegedly intends to buy another cryptocurrency exchange – Exmo c daily turnover of over $40 million According to him, negotiations are already underway. However, the co-founder of Exmo Ivan Petrovsky this information denies, saying that any suggestions concerning the purchase of the exchange has not received and no negotiations no leads. Given that the business Exmo has strong ties with Ukraine, the owners of this exchange are unlikely to consider such proposals.

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