A resident of suburban Queen arrested for attempted theft 103 BTC

As reported Agency city news «Moscow» a source in law enforcement bodies on suspicion in theft of bitcoins under the pretext of buying a resident of the town of Korolev.

The police contacted the 25-year-old native of Armenia, who is the Executive Director of LLC «Business network», and declared fraud. The victim reported unknown persons, who offered him help in selling the 103 BTC, after which he handed them a cryptocurrency worth about 45 million rubles. It all happened in the premises of a Bank, the name and address of the victim which allegedly doesn’t remember doesn’t remember and accept the Scam, because after the theft was in a state of shock.

«At the moment we have arrested 27-year-old Director of LLC «Center Med group» living in the Queen, which most likely involved in the Commission of this crime. He’s already a suspect in a previously initiated criminal case under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code («Fraud committed in especially large size»). While the result sets of various circumstances and looking for possible accomplices of a crime, the decision of the Lublin district court a man placed under house arrest,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to police, the transmission of bitcoins has occurred in the office at Small Kislovodskaya str., D. 1. After that the criminals fled and never contacted.

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