A former adviser to Donald trump plans to create his own cryptocurrency

During an extensive interview held in new York conference, «Delivering Alpha», former US presidential Advisor Donald trump Steve Bannon (Steve Bannon) told that he owns bitcoins and recalled that the works on creating its own cryptocurrency.

«I like bitcoin, I have it,» said Bannon at the conference, however, he did not specify the amount of cryptocurrency owned.

«At the moment we are working on some tokens, which in the future will be used by the populist movement at the global level. But for this they need to be high quality,» he said.

Bannon also touched upon the initial placement of coins (ICO) stating that he believes 90% of the ICO disaster. In his opinion, the problem lies in the overabundance of offerings in the market:

«I believe that too many investors succumb to the mood of the crowd and thus was involved in the project, the analysis which they have not paid enough attention,» he explained.

‘bannon have already earned the fame of a supporter of cryptocurrencies, in particular bitcoin, which, in his opinion, is the confrontation between the «European establishment».

A month ago, the New York Times wrote that’bannon holds meetings with potential investors and hedge funds regarding the initial placement of coins (ICO) his company Bannon & Company, which later will launch their own cryptocurrencies.

Bannon began to show interest in cryptocurrency in 2016, but the wide public it became known only after in August 2017 he left the White house. In March this year, Bannon said that the technology of the blockchain is able to give people «true freedom».

«This is the future,» said Bannon to the end of his interview.

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