«20 years later»: Alfred Khamzin about the future of cryptocurrencies and mining

Housewives will have to pay in stores Althingi, silent and HAS come to the apartments of ordinary families, and miners will start to work in the field of Internet of things. Near future or pipe dream?

How to develop kriptonyte whether digital money is part of everyday life, what will happen to the stock market when the miners will extract 99% of all bitcoins, and more to the correspondent Bits.media told Alfred Khamzin — managing partner, Vector Group GK, co-founder of the company in the sales of mining equipment Mr. Crypstore and organizer of the Business Forum «Business With China: the era of mining».

Alfred, how do you see the future of bitcoin?

I believe that bitcoin didn’t just appear. For this phenomenon are powerful political forces in the future, it may become a reserve currency. Let me explain. Everyone knows that one of the last G20 summits, about 80% of the countries decided to move towards the legalization of cryptocurrency. I’m sure even China at some point in time take the money and allow their citizens to invest in krutomer.

Heads of state don’t see the digital money threats to the existing financial system. Moreover, cryptocurrencies provide technological development and offer States new opportunities. Without the intervention of tryptomer a certain political force digital money would not be so popular. Now the market is dominated by United States of America, their main trump card — the dollar, which is tied to the oil trade. This is the sixth reserve currency that is used and accepted by the world community. I believe that in the next five years, bitcoin will increasingly affect international transactions.

Perhaps, for those countries which are now playing on the economic and political field against US, trying to diversify, bitcoin will be a compromise solution. For example, if China will create a gold yuan, which will replace the dollar in all calculations, most likely, their neighbours and partners will not be able to accept it, because in this case, their interests would recede into the background. Thus China will have a very strong influence and power. Therefore, if you do not see the new formation of crypto-currencies, bitcoin will take its place in macroeconomics and mutual settlements between the countries.

And what happens to Althingi?

I believe that the number of altcoins in the cryptocurrency market will gradually decrease. However, the key altcoins that will complement the existing financial system to allow people to carry out fast transactions such as the purchase in the store, it will fit into our lives and become the common means of payment. I believe that Aldona prepared for a functional role of introducing and facilitating the process of integrating cryptocurrency in our world. That is, the altcoins will form your infrastructure, which will become part of everyday life.

In your opinion, what trends we will see in the cryptocurrency world in the next decade?

First, will rapidly develop industrial mining. Engineering solutions are only beginning to come into the cryptocurrency market. First was the CPU and video card, then there HAS and that is much more powerful, more compact and easier cards. Now equipment manufacturers are developing new firmware that allow you to get more cryptocurrencies. These firmwares are added engineering solutions, such as industrial bathrooms that cool the miners, and increase their effectiveness, as well as containers with automatic vapor cooling. In my opinion, this engineering will be integrated into industrial mining.

Second, will begin active development of domestic mining. It is connected with the development of computer technologies, opportunities for miners and stabilization of the market. That is, the family will consider mining and scriptactive as certain portfolio investments. On the market there have been quiet solutions that can complement the decor of the apartment.

Finally, the miners will have additional functions. In addition to generating the cryptocurrency, most likely, they will support the Internet of things. For example, will start to generate calculations that are needed for a smart home.

Will there ever cryptocurrency a part of our everyday life?

I believe that cryptocurrencies will come in everyday calculations clearly. But it will not happen at the expense of bitcoin, but at the expense of altcoins, because people won’t pay that tomorrow will be more expensive. There are already cryptocurrency pegged to the dollar, for example, USDT from the company Tether. It is understandable volatility, it can be easily used in calculations. Part altcoins, adapted to the specific actions will also come into use.

How will this work?

I am sure that the introduction of cryptocurrencies in the final calculations will not occur on the format in which banks operate. Now we have a card with which we pay for a product or service. There are different loyalty programs which include bonuses for air travel, shopping. I am impressed, how does the Chinese service WeChat, where in one application a person can order a taxi, to buy food, to buy tickets for the train or plane.

By analogy with the above, I believe that cryptocurrency will be integrated into a single ecosystem and are tied to certain social actions of people. For example, a person creates a product, working within a specific ecosystem. For his work he charged a few altcoins or one universal altcon by which it is calculated and provides a required amount of products and resources. In addition, each cryptocurrency, which will be integrated into the ecosystem, can be produced by alternative methods, such as mining or trading.

For example, if a person frequently uses the services of carriers and it is beneficial to altcoins that are tied to tickets, he can buy mining equipment that will work in this sphere. That is the person, integrating with cryptodira, provides the necessary resources for their comfortable living through 5-10 alternative methods, such as role in society, trading, mining, investment.

Will the current concept of mining for Housewives?

I would say Yes. Many people are already involved in the mining process. Cryptocurrencies are moving into a phase of active growth, therefore, the market appears more and more interested people who buy their two or three miner. Now they place their equipment on the farms or in the mining property, and sometimes in barns — I about such cases too. Soon these people will start to purchase equipment that can be installed in the apartment. Such solutions are already being developed. I was at the presentation of the domestic miner in China. The manufacturer keeps its name and characteristics are secret. I can only say that the sample really looks like a miner for Housewives: a very stylish, shiny and silent.

Will there be different Russian cryptoamnesia from Western and Asian, or the world will go on the same path of development?

Of course, will continue to receive any national currency. However, I believe that technology will unite into a single ecosystem that will simplify the processes of international trade and payments between individuals. The main advantage of cryptocurrency is that it is geographically independent. Cryptocurrencies are designed to accelerate globalization.

When will the last bitcoin mined and in which direction will then develop kriptonyte?

Miners will mine the last Satoshi in 2135 year. It does not matter how much s HAS to be in the network. Interestingly, in the year 2043, the miners will get 99.99% of all bitcoins. That is, the remaining nearly a hundred years it will take to receive 0.001% of bitcoins. Once the miners will extract the main part of the bitcoin integration cryptocurrency will become so close that only one transaction miners will earn good money. Mining will become clear and available to any consumer. Therefore, there will be software updates, new equipment. HAS and be as popular as cars or computers.

What is the vision for the future cryptoeconomy you think is perfect?

I am very close to the ideas of globalization. It’s nice knowing that I can sell you a product, not only on the local market but also around the world. I believe that kriptonyte should contribute to globalization, uniting people and companies in a single ecosystem, which will allow you to sell products quickly and without unnecessary bureaucracy.

The way I see it. Man creates a product and can sell it anywhere in the world. It is calculated with the supplier using the technology of the blockchain. This ecosystem can close their own suppliers of raw materials, equipment, goods. All market participants see the transaction where and when item. In the ecosystem of integrated international logistics. Goods dispatched from the warehouse on the basis of the Amazon, and the person avoids a certain currency or political risks. In fact, cryptocurrencies are designed to accelerate the monetary exchanges between countries and to facilitate the emergence of new corporations like Apple, who create products for the world.

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