11 the blockchain startups were in the regulatory «sandbox» of the UK government

First financial regulator in the UK has openly recognized the potential of startups related bloccano. For the last and fourth cohort of startups of their regulatory «sandbox» the financial conduct authority (FCA) has chosen 11 start-UPS related to bacchanal and technology of the distributed registry. The last set was almost 40% of the 29 companies included in the «sandbox».

In accordance with the statement
The FCA last week, the regulator received a total 69 applications from companies, of which 40 were not included in the group. In a statement, the regulator noted:

«We have taken a number of companies that will test applications relating to scriptactive. We strive to learn in a controlled environment can the consumers get all the benefits from those assets, if any associated with the activity risks will be effectively managed».

It should be noted 20/30 company – one of 11 the blockchain of the firms in the «sandbox». It will cooperate with the London stock exchange and the financial company Nivaura to create the DLT platform, allowing companies «to raise capital in a more efficient and flexible way».

It is reported that the platform will facilitate the primary issuance to the investors of the token-actions in Ethereum.

«The next step will be to offer secondary transfers. Then we can move further in the field of capital to rethink direct investment and the work of stock exchanges,» — said in an interview with the Financial Times, Sorenson Tomer (Tomer Sofinzon), co-founder of 20/30.

Regulatory «sandbox» FCA was launched in June 2016, to allow companies to test «innovative products, services, business models and mechanisms for their implementation» on the market with a temporal resolution of FCA.

In may of this year when the UK government started
work group for the study of scriptaction, whose objective is the study of the influence of cryptocurrency, identifying potential benefits and potential problems associated with application of technology of the blockchain in financial sector development and regulation of the cryptocurrency sphere.

A major British institutions also began to show interest in the blockchain recently. In June it became known that the national archives of the UK tests
blockchain for data storage. In addition, the initiative will be studied the possible impact of the blockchain on the issues related to the management of the archives.

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