Tether has issued 250 million tokens USDT

According to Explorer Explorer Omni, may 18, after a short break, the project Tether again «included a printing press» and generated 250 million tokens USDT. Tether positions itself as a company that produces so-called «stable» token that is secured by a $ 1-to-1. In addition, the Tether is almost no competition in this market, so […]

Genesis Global Trading became the fifth company to receive Regulations

Genesis Global Trading, cryptocurrency brokerage company serving institutional investors, has finally succeeded where many companies have failed. The company is supported by the Digital Currency Group has become one of the five cryptocurrency firms having license Regulations work in the state of new York. Last Thursday the company announced that it successfully joined the «tiny» […]

Acne Buterin received an offer to work in Google

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has received an offer to join Google. Attaching a screenshot of the email that he was sent by the employee, he asked his Twitter followers to vote: should he give up his basic work on the development of Ethereum and go to Google. However, after «against» vote 59% of the visitors, […]

Eight years most expensive pizza in history

Today, the Bitcoin community once again celebrates bitcoin pizza story which began on may 22, 2010, when the Czech enthusiast Hanes Laszlo (laszlo) made the first real purchase for the cryptocurrency, he transferred 10 000 BTC to your friend (jercos), who ordered him two pizzas at Papa John’s. At that time 10 000 BTC was […]

On Reddit there is a new bitcoin game for 1 BTC

Trail decided in the early years, «bitcoin puzzle» for 5 BTC on Reddit there is a new tricky task. May 19, 2018, the Internet was published the image containing the bitcoin mystery, for the solution of which the winner will receive a reward of 1 BTC. After the emergence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in […]

LMAX Exchange Group launches platform for institutional investors

British FINTECH company LMAX Exchange Group announced the launch of LMAX Digital – first cryptocurrency exchange for institutional investors, which will allow you to trade the five cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ether, bedesem, lithinon and ripples. According to the CEO of LMAX Exchange, David Mercer (David Mercer), the growth of institutional trading digital currencies will be the […]