Coinbase will open the trade tokens-stock

The largest operator of the wallet and exchange Coinbase has announced receiving the green light from US regulators: the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) and the Agency on regulation of activities of financial institutions (FINRA) approved the purchase of the company three companies – Keystone Capital Corp., Venovate Marketplace Inc. and Digital Wealth […]

Bitcoin Core is starting to develop the signature Snorra

Signature Snorra get closer to introduction in the network of Bitcoin. Last week, the author of technology — Bitcoin Core developer Peter Wolle (Pieter Wuille) published a description of the BIP, which describes the technical details of the implementation of one of the most anticipated this year for updates of Bitcoin. Room for BIP has […]

EOS accused in the attack on the Ethereum network

Network EOS, fully launched about a month ago, yesterday reached a new high for the number of processed transactions. Network bandwidth at the peak reached 1275 transactions per second, which allowed to process per day, about 500 000 transactions. However, in Ethereum Commission are rising again, after Saturday expensive transaction began suddenly to fill the […]

American Express will create a model of confirmations on the blockchain

American financial Corporation American Express plans to develop a new model for transaction confirmation and, according to submitted patent application as a possible solution deals with the blockchain. In a paper published last week by the patent and trademark office application describes the use of «based on the blockchain system» to obtain «proof of payments, […]

Vidéo : Conférence Bitcoin Biarritz (première partie)

Organisée par le collectif biarrot Savoir et Action, la conférence Bitcoin Biarritz 2018 s’est déroulée le 7 avril 2018. Première partie : intervention de Damien Theillier. « Professeur de philosophie, Damien Theillier enseigne cette discipline dans plusieurs lycées parisiens depuis une vingtaine d’années. Il est fondateur de l’Institut Coppet et de l’École de la Liberté. Il est […]