Central Bank of Brazil is launching a blockchain-based platform for data exchange between banks

Central Bank of Brazil Banco Central do Brasil (BCB) announced the establishment of a Pier – a blockchain-based platform for data exchange between domestic financial regulators such as the Federal Agency of Private Insurance (SUSEP), the securities Commission (CVM) and the National Supplementary Benefits (PREVIC). According to participants of the project, the blockchain will allow […]

Sales of graphics cards began to decline sharply

According to information newspaper DigitalTimes, makers of graphics cards started to shift the focus from mining equipment to the industry. The fact that the rapid fall in the value of most major cryptocurrencies also rapidly falling sales of mining equipment. In the period from April 2017 to March 2018, the mining industry demanded the creation […]

Decenturion: a decentralized state on the blockchain

Developed a mysterious and ambitious group project called Decenturion promises to be the first ever sovereign society based on direct democracy and manageable through the blockchain. The project was presented at the Consensus conference in 2018, and then at the UN summit Blockchain for Impact. The state Decenturion has no physical location. The community strives […]

Enigma and Intel will work on the privacy of smart contracts

Tech giant Intel has teamed up with startup Enigma for joint work on the improvement of «secret contracts», aimed at increased privacy. «Secret contracts» Enigma is a type of smart contract that foresees the creation of decentralized applications (Dapp) with some flexibility in concealing data. Enigma created with the participation of employees of Massachusetts Institute […]


« Qu’est donc Bitcoin ? Il semble que la seule réponse factuelle à cette question soit un logiciel. Préférer définir Bitcoin ainsi plutôt que comme une monnaie a plusieurs implications que nous allons essayer d’explorer. Parce que nous faisons tous tourner une multitude de logiciels sur notre ordinateur, nous avons certainement tendance à oublier que tout […]

ICO can be supplanted by new models of fundraising

As they say, all good things eventually come to an end. But if he is coming for IPOs tokens (ICO)? This relatively new method of fundraising has been around for several years, but over the last 18 months it has become especially popular. ICO has helped many new blockchain projects to start quickly development. However, […]

South Korea plans to tighten regulation of the cryptocurrency market

Amid a series of reported break-ins cryptocurrency exchanges, the South Korean government decided to toughen regulation of the industry. Bill imposing new obligations on digital currency exchanges has already been introduced. The decision of the Korean government On 19 June the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange in the country Bithumb issued a statement about the burglary and […]